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Certified Professional Trader in Global Macro | CPTGM®

In the past few years, global economic & political events have impacted your trading success, either positively or negatively.  Improve your ability to interpret and capitalize on global events, business cycles, monetary policy and financial crises.

Understanding the limitations of frameworks (technical and fundamental) and incorporating a macro mindset will improve your trading and investment results.  Our academic research and extensive trading experience are incorporated throughout to provide you with additional insights.

In short, markets are social creations.  Thus, it is vital that you build an understanding of the different methods that are used by traders to view the market.  You will gain key insights on how to incorporate their behavior into your trading decisions.

Online: $1745

24 hour availability | 1 year access

Onsite | Virtual: $3475*

∗Note: onsite – virtual version is available only to institutions with minimum number of attendees.  Discounts for larger groups. 

Once enrolled, you can access your course through our Virtual Learning Environment.

Market Frameworks | Global Macro Strategy

Behavioral & Social

  • Traders and Markets
  • Psychological Explanations
  • Social Explanations
  • Fundamental Explanations
  • Trading Frameworks
  • Trader Theories

Global Macro Strategy

  • Fit within HF Strategies
  • Discretionary vs Systematic
  • Macro | Opportunistic
  • Speculation | Hedging
  • Geopolitical Analysis
  • Risk Framework

Central Bank Strategy

  • Key Central Banks
  • Policy Instruments
  • Policy Effectiveness
  • CB Transparency
  • Market Expectations
  • Case Studies

Business Cycle Dynamics | Financial Crises

Business Cycle Dynamics

  • Business Cycle Theories
  • Embedded Assumptions
  • Economic Indicators
  • Key Leading Indicators
  • Critic of Valuation Models
  • Trader Valuation Methods

Financial Crises

  • Crisis Comparability
  • Crisis Predictability
  • Types of Crises
  • Limitation of Models
  • Behavioral Factors
  • Trading Crises

Crisis Framework | Cases

  • Crisis Framework – SPTC Theory®
  • 2007-2008 Financial Crisis
  • 1997 Asian Financial Crisis
  • 1995 Mexican Financial Crisis
  • LTCM & Quant Crisis 2007
  • Crisis Framework Application

Course Information

Teacher Background

  • 15+ years University Teaching
  • 20+ years Trading Experience
  • Deep Knowledge of Geo-Politics
  • Outstanding Crisis Trading Results
  • Developed Financial Crisis Theory

Course Highlights

  • Unique Insights – Trading
  • Practical Applications
  • Combining Theory | Practice
  • In-depth Crisis Explanations
  • Numerous Resources

Audience Level | Links

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