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Gain a deep understanding of the macro trading/investment environment through our broad based approach covering foreign exchange trading and the related areas international trade and economics as well as geopolitics.

1.  Currency Trading: gain a solid understanding of the foreign exchange markets, trading strategies and risk management.

2.  International Trade and Economics:  gain a solid understanding at international trading theory and  policy along with interanational economics with an eye on how this impacts currency values.

3. Geopolitics:  trading blocs and trade wars are part of the geopolitical calculations of nations.  Geopolitical considerations are integrated throughout the course and in dedicated sections such as coverage of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) by China.



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Foreign Exchange Quotes shown over globe background

FX Trading

  • FX Markets
  • FX Forecasting Methods
  • FX Trading Strategies
graphic map of global logistics on top of shipping containers

International Trade | Economics

  • Trading Theories
  • Trading Blocs – EU, etc.
  • Tarriffs | Quotas
Business concept,  Global Strategy Virtual Icon.Innovation Graphs Interface. Worldwide connection technology interface.


  • Geopolititical Considerations
  • International Organizations | Sanctions
  • Country | Political Risk Analysis
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