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Our featured options course takes you from the basics to intermediate and advanced strategies.  Learn at your own pace.  The option strategies presented here focus on the ‘big picture’ first and are designed specifically to be used in macro-trading strategies.

Options Core:  understanding options, hedging & speculating with options, directional strategies, profiting from neutral markets and strategies for volatile markets.  Trader Level:  Beginner to Intermediate

Macro Option Strategies:  an overview of the best option strategies to capitalize on global and macro events with several case studies.  Trader Level:  Intermediate to Advanced

  • Learn option trading strategies to capitalize on business cycles and global macro events – economic and political.
  • Protect your portfolio during financial crisis periods when markets are very volatile.
  • Gain a strategic advantage in your trading/investment by taking advantage of precision option strategies to enhance your returns and mitigate risks.

Options for Macro Traders® Online: $275

24 hour course | 1 year access

Once enrolled, you can access your course through our Virtual Learning Environment.

Options Core

  • Introduction
  • Valuation
  • Pricing Models
  • The Greeks
  • Hedging
  • Speculation

Macro Option Strategies

  • Strike & Leverage
  • Bullish Macro Events
  • Bearish Macro Events
  • Neutral Macro Events
  • Volatility & Geopolitics
  • Off-limit Strategies
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