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The Options for Macro Traders™ course is designed to help you capture key events with plenty of movement potential, whether upwards or downwards, by trading option contracts on both developed and emerging market assets.

The option strategies presented here focus on the ‘big picture’ first and are designed specifically to be used in macro-trading strategies.

Our one-day program will put you on the right path towards more precise trading/investing.

How you benefit by taking the Options for Macro Traders™ Course!

  1. Learn how to profit on trading opportunities with the chance to earn many times your initial capital.
  2. Capitalize on our proven ability to interpret global events during normal market conditions and during crises.
  3. Use options as a trading vehicle to limit your risk since in some strategies your maximum risk is known.
  4. Incorporate market psychology, politics, economics and sociology into your trading decisions.

Online: $495

18 hour course | 1 year access

Onsite: $945*

∗Note: onsite version is available only to institutions with minimum number of attendees.  For more information please enquire on our VLE at:

Our online and onsite enrollment process is through our Virtual Learning Environment:

Morning Session

Intro to Options & Futures

  • Intro to Hedging
  • Futures & Options
  • Payoff Diagrams
  • Trading Example
  • Spreading with Futures
  • Leverage Multiplier

Options Pricing

  • Intrinsic & Time Value
  • Non-Model Methods
  • Put-Call Parity
  • Binomial Methods
  • Model Limitations

Option Greeks

  • Importance of Greeks
  • Delta and Gamma
  • Effects of Time
  • Impact of Volatility
  • Trading & Greeks
  • Putting it Together

Afternoon Session

Estimating Volatility

  • Intro to Volatility
  • Calculating Volatility
  • Volatility Patterns
  • Historical vs. Implied
  • Trading on Volatility
  • Limitations

Options for Macro Traders™ I

  • Bullish (Long) Strategies
  • Bearish (Short) Strategies
  • Volatility Strategies (Neutral)
  • Off-Limit Strategies – Viability
  • Off-Limit Strategies – Risk
  • Limitations

Options for Macro Traders™ II

  • Strike Choice
  • Leverage
  • Geo-Political Events
  • Oil Market Dynamics
  • Risk Management
  • Case Study on Risk
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