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Our online Certificate in Macro Valuation | certMV® helps you learn how business, financial, global macro events, and institutional factors affect firm valuations.

1.Business Valuation Creation Process: gain an intuitive understanding of how business and financial decisions affect firm valuation.

2. Geo-Political and FX Factors: incorporate a broad view of  how firms operating in the global market deal with various risks – foreign exchange and political. This will improve your ability to see how global macro factors affect firm value.

3. Venture Valuation and Industry Analysis: understand venture capital to help you see how dynamic and growth firms are financed and valued. Incorporate industry analysis and critically examine valuation methods used by analysts.

certMV® online:


24 hour course | 1 year access

Our online enrollment process is through our Virtual Learning Environment:

Business Value Creation Process

  • Financing Capital Investments
  • Role of Financial Statements
  • Understanding Depreciation
  • Finance/Economic Value
  • Free Cash Flow Calculations
  • DCF NPV Analysis
  • Risk & Required Return
  • Business Value Creation

Geo-Political and FX Factors

  • FX Risk Measurement
  • FX Risk in Projects
  • Political Risk in Projects
  • FX Rate Regimes and BOP
  • Theories of FX Determination
  • FX Rate Determination
  • Hedging Instruments
  • International Equity Markets

Venture Valuation & Industry Analysis

  • Industry Factors & Firm Moat
  • DCF Valuation Models
  • Relative Valuation Methods
  • Limitation of Valuation Models
  • Trader Valuation Methods
  • Overview of VC Funds
  • IPOs and Exit Strategy
  • VC Valuation Methods
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