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Learning Objectives

Our online Certificate in Macro Valuation | certMV® has three learning objectives:

  • Business Valuation Creation Process: gain an intuitive understanding of how business and financial decisions affect firm valuation.  In order to achieve this goal a solid understanding of how accounting and finance relate to firm valuation is needed.
  • Geo-Political and FX Factors: incorporate a broad view of  how firms operating in the global market deal with various risks – foreign exchange and political. This will improve your ability to see how global macro factors affect firm value.
  • Venture Valuation and Industry Analysis: understand venture capital to help you see how dynamic and growth firms are financed and valued. Incorporate industry analysis and critically examine valuation methods used by analysts.

Online Access to the

Certificate in Macro Valuation | certMV®


24 hour course | 1 year access

Onsite: $875*

∗Note: onsite version is available only to institutions with minimum number of attendees.  For more information please enquire on our VLE at: MTE Learning Hub

Online enrollment process is through our Virtual Learning Environment at:

Business Value Creation Process

  • Financing Capital Investments
  • Role of Financial Statements
  • Understanding Depreciation
  • Finance/Economic Value
  • Free Cash Flow Calculations
  • DCF NPV Analysis
  • Risk & Required Return
  • Business Value Creation

Geo-Political and FX Factors

  • FX Risk Measurement
  • FX Risk in Projects
  • Political Risk in Projects
  • FX Rate Regimes and BOP
  • Theories of FX Determination
  • FX Rate Determination
  • Hedging Instruments
  • International Equity Markets

Venture Valuation & Industry Analysis

  • Industry Factors & Firm Moat
  • DCF Valuation Models
  • Relative Valuation Methods
  • Limitation of Valuation Models
  • Trader Valuation Methods
  • Overview of VC Funds
  • IPOs and Exit Strategy
  • VC Valuation Methods
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