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CoreMacro™ Certificates have been designed to help individual investors/traders to navigate the global financial markets.  Specialized certificates cover key topic areas:  foreign exchange, fixed income, interest rates,  country and political risk.

1. Investments | Hedge Funds : gain a solid understanding of the investment environment, portfolio theory and the hedge fund industry.

2. Fixed Income | Interest Rates:  interest rates drive financial markets, thus key to have a deep understanding of the bond market and the role of interest rates.

3. FX Markets | International Trade: it is critical to understand FX markets, FX forecasting, international trade & organizations and country risk.

CoreMacro™ Certificates: $540 each or all 3 for 25% off at $1215 

24 hour course | 1 year access

Our online enrollment process is through our Virtual Learning Environment:

Investments | Hedge Funds

Certificate in Hedge Funds – certHF™

  • Investment Philosophy
  • ETFs & Mutual Funds
  • Portfolio Theory & HFs
  • Hedge Fund Portfolio Analysis
  • Hedge Fund Strategies
  • Hedge Fund Risk | Case Study

Fixed Income | Interest Rates

Certificate in Fixed Income – certFI™

  • Bond Markets
  • Bond Pricing | Assumptions
  • Term Structure of Interest Rates
  •  Sensitivity to Interest Rate
  •  Bond Trading Insights
  •  Bond Portfolio Management

FX Markets | Politics & Trade

Certificate in Foreign Exchange – certFX™

  • FX Markets | Forecasting
  • FX Trading Strategies
  • Trading Theories | Blocs
  • Trading Blocs | Tariffs | Quotas
  • Organizations | Sanctions
  • Country | Political Risk Analysis
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