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CoreMacro™ Online has been designed to help individual investors/traders obtain not only the core but also the breath of knowledge to navigate successfully in the global financial markets.

1. Investment Opportunities: gain a solid understanding of the investment environment and key investment vehicles.

1. Market Behavior: our no-nonsense approach into market behavior will improve your understanding of how financial markets respond to news and events.

3. World Structure: in order to fully understand international markets, and understanding of trade, international organizations and politics are important.

CoreMacro™ Online: $575

24 hour course | 1 year access

Our online enrollment process is through our Virtual Learning Environment:

Investment Opportunities

Investment Environment

  • Mutual Funds & Actors
  • ETFs – trading vehicles
  • Bond Markets
  • Portfolio Theory
  • Equity Markets
  • International Markets

Market Behavior

Behavioral Aspects of Markets

  • Investor Preferences
  • Prospect Theory
  • Market Reactions
  • Psychological Biases
  • Behavioral Theory
  • Applications

World Structure

Trade, International Organizations, Geopolitics

  • Globalization
  • Trade Theories
  • Trading Blocs
  • International Organizations
  • Tariffs, Quotas and Sanctions
  • Regional Issues in World Economy
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